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      Beijing Genosys Scientific Co., Ltd.

      Company Profiles

      Mission Statement

        Comprehensive, world-class systems of the highest quality - Beijing Genosys Scientific Co., Ltd. builds partnerships with premier instrument manufacturers from around the world, giving you access to a broad selection of the highest quality products and systems. Our responsibility is to make satisfaction for both our customers and business partners.

      Brief Introduction

        Beijing Genosys Scientific Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, historily. It is an trading company in China with core businesses in importing and selling scientific and; analytic instruments/equipment and consumables with high quality in China market. Beijing Genosys Scientific Co., Ltd. is a pure domestic private-based company, the Head Office is in Beijing, and other branches are in Beijing (Northern China), Shanghai (Eastern and Southern China), Chengdu (Western China), and many sub-dealers located in different territories. Our clients are mainly from university, hospital/clinic, research institute, blood bank, commodity inspection, agriculture research, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, environmental protection, chemical and electronic manufacturers, etc.

      The Products We Marketing

        Our products are distinguished by innovative design, durability, reliability, and value - the advantages we look for when selecting partners. We integrate the products we represent with accessories, interface them with computers and printers, and build complete laboratory systems to meet your specific needs. At Beijing Genosys there's a direct line between total systems and total satisfaction.
      • High-quality, durable products - the most reliable, least costly long-term investment; reduce downtime and repair costs, and maintain productivity.
      • Easy-to-use, user-serviceable equipment - facilitates operation, improves productivity, and saves repair costs.
      • Ergonomics design - increases user comfort, reduces strain even during prolonged use.
      • Built-in safety features - help ensure user safety and compliance with safety regulations and procedures.
      • ISO 9001 certified products - assures that our products are developed and manufactured to high quality standards.
      • Customization of product designs - helps meet future applications, and minimizes additional product purchases.

      As a distributor for the companies of Biohit (Finland), Analytik-Jena (Germany), Shimadzu Life Science (Japan), Sartorius Filtration (Germany), YMC (Japan), Bio-Rad Food Sciences (USA), and Grant Scientific (UK) etc. The products are including PCR, Centrifuges, DNA Sequencer, Protein Sequencer and Synthesizer, Reagents, Sample Handling and Preparations System, HPLC, MALDI-TOF, Optic Detectors, Consumables and Accessories, Biotech and Lab Filtration products and Analytical laboratory equipment etc.

      Seeking for Manufacturers and Products, Contact US

      Last updated: 2012-02-15

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      Rm. 901, No.4 Building, Xinqidian Jiayuan, No. 5, Changchunqiao Road, Haidian District,
      Beijing 100089, People's Republic of China
      Telephone: +86-10-51659588
      Fax: +86-10-62561665
      e-mail: Beijing Genosys